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The Art of Zen Living has evolved out of necessity and an awakening of people all over the world. It's the collective consciousness waking up and recognising that we are doing it all wrong. Life doesn't have to be so busy, stressful and tiring. Through attending my Zen Yoga classes and hearing about how we approach life through Zen principles, people are seeing that it unlocks spaces of energy blocks, you are able to see things about yourself, your thinking patterns and your mentality that may have worked before but are no longer necessary. 

We can't change the demanding work schedules and other demands on our time so we use the practices of Zen Living to make the best of what we do have. It's not about making do because there's no other choice. It's going back to basics with a shift in perspective. Specific to Zen Yoga is Qigong exercise. With it's flowing movements of the body, it is practiced to cultivate balance and the harmony of vital energy in the body. These slower movements in Zen Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong create new neural pathways in the brain (called neuroplasticity) which help to reduce chronic pain, anxiety and low mood. Read my blog about it here.

  Particularly good for beginners, Zen Yoga's slower style will help you to build strength and flexibility both physically and mentally. It doesn't matter your shape, fitness or flexibility. We can't change a lot of things in life but we can change how we approach each moment so don't let any preconceived notions about yoga hold you back from joining a class.

Join the revolution in Mindful Movement.

Classes are being held in Southampton and are currently full but email me because I'll do my best to find you a spot! 

What is Zen Yoga?

Zen Yoga is an ancient energy system from East Asia that uses traditional hatha yoga poses. The philosophy originates from the Zen practices of Japan. Originally from China known as Ch'an, we work the energy lines from Traditional Chinese Medicine

What that means to you?! Well, ya know the days that you wonder, "HOW am I this tired?!" Maybe you are just feeling generally drained, like life never slows down and irritated by most things? That was me for years... Zen Yoga helps with that. There are three cornerstones of Zen Yoga: energy, alignment, and mindfulness. When you work the body in ways that recharges your internal battery you have more energy each day. With the ancient Zen Mindfulness practices, you are able to see and learn how to have a fresh perspective on life and the alignment aspect is physical, mental and spiritual. Zen is like a compass...your compass to help you see life with more gratitude and appreciation, helping you to be more present and see the impermanence of life. The Art of Zen Living is where you find that you are able to do more of what you love in life. When you learn how to slow down, you realise that you do have more time than you thought. Life is only rushing around from one thing to another if you make it that way.


It doesn't matter your shape, fitness or flexibility. It's about taking a break from the stresses of life, from the past and from what may happen in the future. It's about the present moment. It's all we've got! We can't change a lot of things in life but we can change how we approach each moment.


Zen Yoga is especially great for beginners because there are so many adaptions to poses that you won't feel like you can't keep up. Classes are kept small which makes for a calming and relaxed environment where I can get around to offer help if you need it. Read my blog Joining a Yoga Class can be Intimidating.


By breathing better (learn here) & bringing in movement we encourage more balance in the body and mind. This helps us be more calm which means we don't go into fight or flight as quickly or as often (with practice!) Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are proven to help with:


- chronic illnesses like ME & fibromyalgia

- headaches 

- stress, anxiety, & depression

- improving emotional regulation

- lowering blood pressure     

- reducing chronic back pain by increasing core strength 

- improving mobility & balance

- increasing flexibility

- improving quality of sleep and improves REM sleep

- helps with eating more mindfully

Why is Yoga so Beneficial to Our Health?


Staying Social & Active Over 70

Zen Yoga with Bridget has been collaborating with MHA Eastleigh's Live at Home Scheme helping older people to maintain their independence. Really, the age isn't important because the aim is to provide activities for anyone who may be isolated at home and will benefit from weekly activities, meeting people and

staying active in the community. MHA Eastleigh provides activities like Natter & Platter and Singing for Wellbeing (which are SO much fun!!) so have a look at their website for more details. We have weekly Mindful Movement sessions Tuesday and Friday. These sessions include breathing practices which improve quality of sleep, mindfulness practices for helping with stress and anxiety as well as movement which improves balance, mobility and overall wellbeing. These sessions are filled with so much laughter and fun that just that alone is beneficial for health!