Testimonials for Yoga, Mindfulness and Online Courses

Zen Yoga

Absolutely loving this class with Bridget. As a complete beginner to yoga I was slightly apprehensive starting but I’m so enjoying it. Bridget is a great teacher taking things at a pace that is suitable for everyone and fully explaining everything. I’m so glad I found her class and now am really inspired to take my yoga journey further!

        -C. Knight, Eastleigh


I attended Bridget’s last set of Coping with Stress and Anxiety workshops and I can honestly say they are fantastic, met a lovely group of people, and thanks to Bridget’s amazing ability to make you feel very relaxed and comfortable, was able to learn and share some amazing coping strategies which I now incorporate into every day life!!!
Highly recommend you give this a try!!!

     - Ashley Lewis, Chandler's Ford


Bridget is a fantastic teacher and her classes are a great way to relax and de-stress whilst also energizing your body. I was a little apprehensive about joining a class as I hadn't practised yoga very much before but Bridget is so friendly and welcoming she put me at ease straight away. I feel so good after the class and really enjoy learning from Bridget's knowledge and experience. Thank you so much!

        - D. Barber, Eastleigh


I went for a session at Bridget's workshop today & it was so great. Bridget makes you feel really at home & relaxed and takes time to explain everything through. I was surprised how quickly the time seemed to fly by and I felt so stress free when I left the class. This is unlike any other yoga around here - I enjoyed it so much. Can't wait until next week!

        - G. Jenkins, Chandler's Ford


'Yoga Nidra is a transformative experience that you have to do to understand. I suffer with anxiety and after having begin caring for my husband who has been diagnosed with dementia, I've struggled to find something for me that is relaxing. Yoga Nidra with mindful movement has helped me to be more calm and I believe the results are long lasting. 

     -Sue Waters, Winchester

My GP suggested that I try yoga to help deal with my chronic pain, fibromyalgia and anxiety. I laughed at first because I didn't see how this could help me. After meeting Bridget I sensed that I could trust her because of her kind nature. We laughed a lot during this course which made me feel at ease. Once I learned more about how are bodies react to stress, I felt better able to recognise the triggers that I ignored. If only I took this course 8 years ago I'd be much better off.

     - J. Palmer, Chandler's Ford

Bridget’s daytime yoga class is a real treat. She is knowledgeable, welcoming and warm. I particularly liked the energy work she does and use of gentle music brings a relaxed, positive and upbeat twist to the precious, old teachings of yoga. An little oasis of calm and reflection in a busy week.

        - L. Clark, Chandler's Ford


I've left the Yoga for Better Sleep & Relaxation sessions feeling so relaxed and much calmer. It was exactly the winding down that I needed after a stressful day. I've attended many classes on these topics over the years but it clicks when you find a thoughtful and knowledgeable teacher like Bridget. Sign up for the course and live better!

       - K. Smith, Otterbourne


My mum and I have taken up a few yoga classes with Bridget and we are really enjoying it! It's surprisingly challenging and not quite what you would expect if you have never done yoga before. Highly recommended.

          - S. Carey, Chandler's Ford  


Wow I really feel like I've had a workout but it's also relaxing at the same time. There are other yoga classes around but they don't combine relaxation, breathing and yoga postures like this. I can't speak highly enough about Bridget's energy and how helpful she is. I'm very much a beginner but felt so comfortable in such a welcoming atmosphere. I loved the singing bowls!! What a treat! I've never experienced this before! I brought friends along and we all loved it. Booking the term. Namaste or Gao Show.

         -J. Smith, Chandler's Ford


'Bridget's classes are structured and the methodology very easy to follow and understand.  I leave the class feeling refreshed and calm.  It is easy to apply to everyday life.  I cannot clear my mind completely, but with practise, I hope to master it.  Bridget offers other forms of meditation to suit each individual.  Learning how to breathe has been a great help in difficult situations.  Thank you and look forward to learning a lot more from you.'

       - Dilys, Eastleigh


After struggling with depression I found it difficult to cope with life's demands, work, family. The mindfulness courses and teachings have given me space to breathe and a calmness I've been seeking. I struggle with remembering but Bridget's top tips have helped me to really make mindfulness a part of my whole life. Bridget has a warm and friendly way of teaching realistic and applicable practices. I left feeling relaxed and confident that I could make these changes. And Bridget is right, these will last a lifetime. Highly recommended!'

     - Neil Cunningham, Colden Common


Last week after class I didn't lay in bed at night thinking for long like usual. I fell straight asleep and didn't wake up till the morning. Thank you!.'

        - L. Newman, Chandler's Ford

Online Courses

Taking an online course was very new to me and I thought that I would struggle to keep up...because I didn't understand how it would go but I felt something in me telling me that this was my chance at making a change. It was good to see that there is no such thing as "keeping up" because I could do work when I had the time and it is always there when I need it. People in the group are at different phases so there is no requirement to share what you have going on in life or on your mind but to have that accountability partner to receive a message from and remind me that I could take out even just 5 minutes made me feel like each day I could make even a small win. Thank you Bridget - this was the catalyst that has made me a more loving father and a better husband.

-N. Cunningham


I was so excited when Bridget announced that she would be doing online sessions. I signed up immediately, I didn’t regret it! Having the video which I could access when I wanted, was so helpful, It meant that when life got busy, I didn’t miss out, I just did the video at a different time. The support videos were so helpful. The sessions were not just yoga, it was meditation and mindfulness lessons too. It most definitely was for the body and the soul. I loved the live videos with Bridget, We were able to chat and discuss issues as a group, face to face despite the distance between us.

Bridget was always supportive and motivating, She made me want to improve my practice for me to help me both mentally and physically. The facebook group was amazing, When you were struggling there was always so much encouragement from the others and when you were doing well everyone celebrated with you. I really felt part of a community and feel really grateful to have met and worked with Bridget. I feel that I am a better person now that I have completed the course and can’t wait for a new one! 

-C. Mathews



I felt like I was experiencing something fresh with a lovely, supportive community who were there along the journey. It was invaluable in helping the experience be richer. My eyes (and heart) were opened to new ways of soothing myself, of deepening my experiences of the connections we all have, and of feeling strong and calm. The continued motivation and gentle guidance from Bridget were invaluable. She has such an aura of lightness, fun, and sincerity and seems able to grasp the hidden issue behind things so quickly. She's instilled in me a passion for deeper thinking, wider loving and utilising my body to calm my mind. 

-S. Newey



I recently took an online course with Bridget. This set of classes, meditations, motivational videos, online community chats, and meetings were a great way to get me into the Zen way of life. The online member group was invaluable in keeping me motivated and having someone being my buddy and accountable to, It was a great way to feel apart of a group, This always helped with my motivation and I enjoyed encouraging others to work towards their goals.


I can honestly say that Bridget has transformed me into a calmer person; enjoying the simpler things in life, feeling grateful and I am more confident in myself and what I believe in.  Even though I have not reached all of my goals (due to an injury.) I know this course has made a huge difference to me as a person and my family too.

-P. Cooper