Zafu for Back Pain & Tight Hips (solid)

Zafu for Back Pain & Tight Hips (solid)

Beautifully handmade in Nepal, this traditional zafu meditation cushion comes with a handle and has originated in Japan to sit for zazen meditation. It can also be used as a yoga prop or, as I do, use this as my seat while at a low table to help reduce low back pain. The hand-woven fabris is 95% cotton/5% wool, with a hypoallergenic 100% Kapok stuffing that's incredibly durable and doesn't crush. The zafu averages 43 cm wide and 21cm high.


The fabrics are always changing so please message me for current stock.


As you will see, this is the optimal height to prop the pelvis up so it is in the same natural position as it is when you are standing. This allows you to sit in a meditation posture for longer, with less pain. This will also help your knees to lower over time when seated cross-legged.


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