Yoga Nidra - River of Life

Yoga Nidra - River of Life

Yoga Nidra is known as "yogic sleep" and is where the body is guided through a progressive relaxation which heals on a deep level. Studies show that 30 minutes of yoga nidra is equivalent to 2 hours of sleep. 


How to Practice Yoga Nidra:

-Wear comfortable. loose fitting and warm clothes.

-To enjoy this practice fully, get comfortable on the sofa or your bed and lay with a pillow and a blanket.

-Close your eyes during the recording and listen to Bridget take you to the river of life.


*You may want to set an alarm in case you do fall asleep!

*The affects of Yoga Nidra may not be immediate! For many people, to be talked through a relaxation is completely foreign and quite difficult to allow the mind chatter to slow. Try different kinds of yoga nidra to discover the types you most enjoy.

Remember it's the collective experience of enjoying & experiencing the many aspects of yoga...