The Ancient Secret to Reduce Stress & Relieve Chronic Pain

Updated: May 28, 2019

Imagine something between an art and a science that almost anyone can do no matter their condition, even chair bound, that's scientifically proven to reduce stress and relieve chronic pain - yes it's true.

Sounding somewhat the stuff of legends this practice is how ninjas and samurai practiced mastering their breathing, body, and mind for thousands of years. It's called qigong (or chigong, qikung, pronounced chee - gong) translates chi = energy, gong = work. Some know this as dao yin which translates to guiding energy. Qigong is moving with the breath and allowing the breath to dictate the speed of your movement. It's a gentle, flowing exercise moving the body a number of times in repetitive movements. Qigong comes from the Taoists over 3,000 years ago who are known for bringing the concept of yin & yang and acupuncture to the world.