Mindfulness Meditation for Health & Wellbeing 

Image by Vincent van Zalinge

The Mindfulness Meditation for Health and Wellbeing course is created to help you build emotional resilience to everyday stresses and to better manage the difficulties, worries and anxieties in modern-day life. It's suitable for all levels whether you have no experience or have been practicing meditation and mindfulness for a while. This time of year can be especially difficult for people so this is your opportunity to learn the practices that will help you to be less reactive, more compassionate, more patient and have a stronger sense of self. You will learn techniques that will help you to create more time for yourself to recharge your battery even if it's less than 5 minutes a day. The techniques are practical, realistic and customizable to you. 

Expect to learn Zen practices as well as science-backed techniques to help you improve your overall wellbeing, energy levels, to get better sleep and deal with a busy mind. Breathing practices and mindful movement will be incorporated to help you find calm in the mind. All practices are simple, easy to implement, incredibly effective and can be done seated.


The cost of the six sessions is £175.00 per person. Supporting material includes handouts and guided meditation recordings and I will offer you continued support after the course. Course dates coming soon, please enquire for more information.

Course Material:

  • Learn how to meditate and find the practices that work best for you

  • Learn how to bring mindfulness practices in your day to find more balance

  • Explore the effects of stress on the physical body and discover ways to create change

  • Discover movement practices that help revitalize the body's energy (qigong, similar to tai chi)