What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that you can do throughout the day to be more present and the benefit is you aren't worrying what could happen in the future or experiencing negative emotions over the past. There are many different techniques that help the mind to relieve the mind which can include experiencing sensations of the body - feeling the sunshine on your face, noticing the temperature of the air, and hearing the birds sing. It could be going for a walk and intentionally keeping your mind from focusing on emotions, feelings and your normal train of thoughts. This doesn't mean that you are ignoring the thoughts or emotions that you have but it is knowing that you can have them without it taking over your thought processes.

You recognize your current feelings, thoughts, emotions, and sensations in the body though these are not your focus. You allow them to come into the mind and then re-focus back on the present moment. The difficulties in life won't go away and mindfulness doesn't prevent you from having major & minor problems. The difference is that you are better able to manage stress, anxiety and other emotions when mindfulness is a part of your daily life.


People feel more calm and having more space in the mind, they report being less forgetful, less overwhelm, having higher energy levels and being able to make decisions more easily. 

Quality of life is greatly improved.

Here's what people are saying:

"After struggling with depression I found it difficult to cope with life's demands, work, family. The mindfulness courses and teachings have given me space to breathe and a calmness I've been seeking. I struggle with remembering but Bridget's top tips have helped me to really make mindfulness a part of my whole life. Bridget has a warm and friendly way of teaching realistic and applicable practices. I left feeling relaxed and confident that I could make these changes. And Bridget is right, these will last a lifetime. Highly recommended!"

     - Neil Cunningham, Colden Common

"We would like to thank Bridget for visiting the Mayflower Theatre and giving our employees an insight of what mindfulness is and how we can incorporate in our day to day lives. It was great having the chance to practice some techniques. On behalf of the employees at Mayflower Theatre, thank you!"

     -Connie Brighton, Mayflower Theatre 

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Making mindfulness a part of your everyday life will allow you to feel a sense of balance. It is very common that you will notice when you feel out of balance. Before mindfulness, people react. It's common to get irritated, complain, feel up and down or get angry and fly off the handle before they even realize it.


After mindfulness, expect that you have a sort of in-built alarm system where you suddenly notice "Oh! I think I'm feeling like I'm starting to get angry." That is where you then go to your toolbox of mindfulness practices that work for you and can come back to your new normal.

Mindfulness Training allows you to be more present in your life and to feel less overwhelmed in your mind, I work with people all over the world in different ways from Skype/Zoom in private sessions or via the Membership platform. See below or contact us directly with questions and we'd love to cater sessions to suit you.



There is a wide range of books on mindfulness, yoga, meditation, spirituality and Zen traditions though many aren't as great as others! Here's your go-to reading guide. Please email me with any questions

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We are all imprisoned by our minds. Read Zen Master Daizan Skinner's beautiful poetry

The absolutely beautiful works by Enko produced artworks radiant with love and compassion

Best how-to guide for making mindfulness a part of your everyday life

World-famous Zen Master Thich Naht Hanh's book on mindfulness

World-famous Zen Master Thich Naht Hanh's book on living

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