GymCatch How to!

Download the free app GymCatch from Apple app store, Android store or log in on your computer. 

Once you sign up, you will be able to see your profile, pictured here.

At the top is a search bar where you find all the details.

Type The Art of and search

It will bring you to this screen and select The Art of Zen Living.

That should bring you to this screen on your mobile.

It's like a home page where you can message me about a class, book packages and much more once signed up. 

To sign up for unlimited yoga & mindfulness, select Available Packages.


Here you will see the Membership Levels. With a membership you automatically receive 15% on all workshops which will be announced next month.

Select the one you are interested to read more details.

You can then pay by credit card in a safe, quick & easy check out ptocess. Choose the auto-renew option so you are always available to book ahead!

Once you purchase a pass you will see how many days remaining, details about your pass and all sessions you have booked at the bottom. 



This is where you get to book in AND sync the bookings with your own calendar so you don't miss any sessions!

On the left is "Available" which are all the sessions that you are able to book into with your Membership.

On the right under "My Bookings" you can find all the sessions you are booked into. This is also where you cancel sessions. PLEASE be sure to cancel your sessions if you cannot attend so someone else can book in.



Once you've selected the session you want to attend you will come to this screen where you can book in. 

Even after you have purchased a membership it will come up as £6 to book. Select this and it will allow you to book using your membership. You can also book in a friend for a reduced drop in rate here.  



This is the next screen where you book in your session. And below is the confirmation where you can add this to the calendar on your phone. 

Book in as far in advance as your Membership allows! For any questions, contact us here.