How do we cope with a situation that we've never gone through before? What do you do when $h*+ hits the fan?! Pour a giant glass of wine or drink a pint or 4 just to get through it all a bit easier!?

Stare mindlessly at the TV or your phone just to waste time until you either fall asleep or the next day begins?? 


Now things are different...  


Single? Remember all those times that you thought "if only I could just stay home and not have to go to work all the time"...well SURPRISE!! Doesn't sound so great now, does it!!? 


Got a family?! Your kids, your partner - they are literally not freaking going anywhere so how the hell do you not lose your $h*+ every single day, multiple times?  They will keep talking to you. And just when you start to do the thing that you've been trying to do for three hours because your boss thinks you are actually working, good luck - they're baaaack! "Mummy I drew a picture of you!" "Dad, why is the moon called the moon?" Work from home, yea right. 


All the things that used to be cute are making you want to lose your $h*+. Now you have to check if your kids are using adverbs and expanded noun phrases - expanded WHAT?! Got a teenager? Hope you can put £5 into a ratio of 2:7. Serioulsy this is getting crazy. Soon your kids will realise that you actually have no idea what the hell you are talking about and you've been making it up all along.


One thing I do know though is that there is a way to get through this without losing your $h*+





We have a new set of challenges before us and there is a way to get through this feeling like a completely different version of yourself. One who's not hungover and really freakin annoyed or just wondering how on earth did I get here??! You can be happier, more patient and actually appreciating this time in a way that doesn't at all seep possible when you see all the memes on social media.

Oftentimes in life we just need to be heard, right? The other thing that can transform your life is when you truly understand how our brains work, you can see why the things that really make you so annoyed when you are wondering why you ever married him/her in the first place, even had more children or took didn't quit your job sooner.


Then the guilt and anxiety spiral begins:

"WHY did I react like that; I was so mean."

"I knew my boss didn't give me a raise for a reason. I sounded so stupid in that meeting." 

"If he just listened to me we wouldn't be here in the first place."

The guilt, the blame, the rage, all the things. I can't cure you from having hard times, difficult emotions and ups and downs but I can arm you to get through them much less painlessly. I've worked with many hundreds of people and it's about awareness. Awareness of the things that trigger you. Awareness that you really have the power to turn situations around by learning what it actually means to be present. Awareness that your kids, your boss, and the peopel that count on you need a better, more happy and consistent version of you than they ever have. If you don't take care of yourself now, will it ever show. 

We've never had this sort of time - and necessity - for personal development. 


 and not focusing on past stories, your perceptions of people and 

This is a space where you will learn tools so in that moment of frustration you'll have a toolbox of ways to manage your stress levels, deal with the $h*+ around you 

 I'd love to show you tried and tested tips on How To Not Lose Your $h*+!


We've never had time for self-development and time wor work on our families and relationships. Helping out kids with their homework, WHAT!! Do you remember how to divide fractions because I don't! And thank goodness that using these tips saved my marriage years ago because this would be a deal-breaker these days. 


Does this sound like you?

You know there's potential but you just can't seem to shift things lately because you...

Struggle to get yourself going - feel overwhelmed with so many things that it seems like you aren't moving forward

Notice that your time is spent in negative thought patterns - no matter what you try this just keeps spinning around in your head 

Have lost motivation - whether it's eating healthy, setting goals or exercise your thoughts and emotions get the best of you 

Experience mounting levels of stress and anxiety and feel like you really need something big to make a change 

Wonder if it's always going to be this way because you can't envision what could create long-lasting change

Self-sabotage & procrastination seems to be the way of things because you aren't able to change your habits when you try 


I'm Bridget Pallas and I inspire and support people to live more mindfully, transforming lives - fast.

Ancient Zen techniques allow you to harness the energy inside, unlocking your passion for life, enabling you to become un-stuck, more fulfilled, more confident and live in the present.

Are you READY to wake up each day with and live life to the fullest, find a freedom beyond anything you can imagine and begin to see yourself in a whole other way, making your dreams come true? 

READY to live your life in a way you didn't think was possible because you couldn't find the right way to begin

READY to feel proud when you look in the mirror and know deep down that you are making strides every single day

READY to learn how to thrive with chronic conditions and make peace with the past, creating an incredible future

READY to feel in control of your thoughts and emotions while enjoying improved relationships with those around you

READY to find freedom within life's constraints and to discover your true self

READY to create calm throughout the ups and downs of life and inspire the ones you love with your progress



I've created this program from a place of absolute belief that YOU can live in a way where you feel fulfilled. That when you do the work, these techniques transform lives and you can live a life that's beyond what you could even imagine. 

There is a requirement of work and commitment from you because only you can listen in and discover your true self. 

If you aren't committed to creating a life where everything flows and you find happiness and gratitude with your life then this program isn't for you. Nothing happens overnight and there is no magic formula.

I will be here to support you every step along the way.  


I felt like I was experiencing something fresh with a lovely, supportive community who were there along the journey. It was invaluable in helping the experience be richer. 


My eyes (and heart) were opened to new ways of soothing myself, of deepening my experiences of the connections we all have, and of feeling strong and calm. The continued motivation and gentle guidance from Bridget were invaluable. She has such an aura of lightness, fun, and sincerity and seems able to grasp the hidden issue behind things so quickly. She's instilled in me a passion for deeper thinking, wider loving and utilising my body to calm my mind.




Taking an online course was very new to me and I thought that I would struggle to keep up...because I didn't understand how it would go but I felt something in me telling me that this was my chance at making a change. It was good to see that there is no such thing as "keeping up" because I could do work when I had the time and it is always there when I need it. People in the group are at different phases so there is no requirement to share what you have going on in life or on your mind but to have that accountability partner to receive a message from and remind me that I could take out even just 5 minutes made me feel like each day I could make even a small win. Thank you Bridget - this was the catalyst that has made me a more loving father and a better husband.



I recently took an online course with Bridget. This set of classes, meditations, motivational videos, online community chats, and meetings were a great way to get me into the Zen way of life. The online member group was invaluable in keeping me motivated and having someone being my buddy and accountable to, It was a great way to feel apart of a group, This always helped with my motivation and I enjoyed encouraging others to work towards their goals.


I can honestly say that Bridget has transformed me into a calmer person; enjoying the simpler things in life, feeling grateful and I am more confident in myself and what I believe in.  Even though I have not reached all of my goals (due to an injury.) I know this course has made a huge difference to me as a person and my family too. 


I was so excited when Bridget announced that she would be doing online sessions. I signed up immediately, I didn’t regret it! Having the video which I could access when I wanted, was so helpful, It meant that when life got busy, I didn’t miss out, I just did the video at a different time. The support videos were so helpful. The sessions were not just yoga, it was meditation and mindfulness lessons too. It most definitely was for the body and the soul. I loved the live videos with Bridget, We were able to chat and discuss issues as a group, face to face despite the distance between us.


Bridget was always supportive and motivating, She made me want to improve my practice for me to help me both mentally and physically. The facebook group was amazing, When you were struggling there was always so much encouragement from the others and when you were doing well everyone celebrated with you. I really felt part of a community and feel really grateful to have met and worked with Bridget. I feel that I am a better person now that I have completed the course and can’t wait for a new one! 


When does LIMITLESS open?

The program opens August 26th

What do I get if I sign up before August 16th?

The First 3 people to sign up win 2 FREE 60-minute coaching sessions with Bridget Pallas

which will help you get aligned and on track!

You receive the 48-hour bonuses:

  Lifestyle Workplan 

60-minute online session with Bridget Pallas

[$297 VALUE]

What if this is not for me? Can I get a refund?

There is a 30-day refund policy and we will happily refund your money. 

What if I want to cancel?

Just email us and you can cancel at any time.

You will continue to have access for the month that you have paid


What tools are needed for this program? 

Just an email address, a computer or smartphone, and an internet connection,

along with a notebook and pen!


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