About Me

After training in the rigorous Rinzai Zen tradition under Zen Master Daizan Roshi I was able to step out of what's happening in my mind, feel more clear and focused and able to observe the thoughts so I can change the thinking patterns to serve me rather than feeling like my mind - my thoughts and habits were dictating my emotions.


In 2019 I took the Buddhist precepts and during the ceremony, my teacher Zen Master Daizan Roshi gave me the dharma name Genzan which means "original mountain." You can watch it here. Although I shouldn't have attachments(!) I was pleased to have been given this name as mountain is in Daian's name and in his teacher's name, Zen Master Shinan Roshi. When Daizan gave me the name he said “May you be a rock of stability and strength for the benefit of the Earth.” 

In the first 2 years of Zen Yoga with Bridget, many hundreds of people are experiencing this too through the mindful movement of qigong, Zen Yoga, mindful meditation and breathing practices. Something bigger has evolved and this is The Art of Zen Living - using the ancient movement and breathing practices to find the beauty of each moment we have here on earth.

Zen Yoga allows you to forget about the responsibilities of 'real life' so you can find calm for the time you are practicing. During the practice and in the private Facebook group which I would love if you joined 

Helping you to break through the busy stream of constant thoughts so you can listen to your true self. The difference between all the different yoga classes that I've been to all over the world is that what's in class ends when you roll up your mat. The Art of Zen Living is what happens when your head hits the pillow and worries keep you awake. It's the moments when something life-changing happens where you need help the most. It's about having the calmness of mind which allows you to focus when you need it most. ​ Where you make these changes are my program LIMITLESS where you have expert guidance every step of the way. See you there.