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In every moment you have a choice and it's what you do in each moment that determines the state of your mental health, physical health and your overall happiness. You can stay the same or you can discover these ways that allow you to do more of what you love.

Life can get so busy that we can find ourselves wondering "when will it stop?!"

With so much going on between work, family, housework and other commitments, the majority of people sit down at night and are just exhausted. It's become the way of things and then everything else has evolved around to support it. Whether it's binge-watching Netflix for fear of not finding the time again soon for a break, buying meal deals because you are too tired to bother or paying for a gym membership because next month you will "definitely" start going. 

With Zen Living, you adapt because you are given the tools to live differently. The Art of Zen Living helps you to find practices that fit into your life as it is, rather than making drastic changes that aren't sustainable. 

Ever wished you could just pause life?

The Art of Zen Living will show you how.

Learn to take back control of the feelings of overwhelm,

brain fog and negative thought patterns. Sign up here.

The Art of Zen Living



Having worked in the design worlds of London & New York for over 10 years spending much of the time juggling the schedule of our 4 kids and busy work travel schedules, eventually things began to unravel because the last thing I looked after was myself. Over years of ignoring the pain in my lower back, it just got worse. Pain is your body sending you a message in the only way it knows how.


When you ignore persistent pain for years, something is going to happen. I was living in a way that wasn't sustainable. Before mindfulness was all over the news and social media, I had no clue that there was another way to live. A way where you weren’t in your head all the time, overthinking situations, where the mind wasn’t such a busy place and where you could really have time to do all of the things you love without being overwhelmed. I had no clue that the over-analyzing I was doing was anxiety...I just thought I was a worrier! Getting stuck replaying situations, trying to "figure it out" while failing to recognise that no matter how much time I spent thinking about a situation, it wouldn't change the outcome.

I was trying to do it all and

be everything to everyone.

Except for myself.


Sound familiar?

It is my mission to help others find the calm in their mind and help people to better manage the chronic aches & pains which result from years of stress & negative thinking patterns.

Zen Yoga with Bridget was founded in 2017 because yoga & qigong became the only solution that worked for me after 2 back surgeries. Medicines only mask pain and aren't a sustainable solution. So I had to just start moving and it happened one day when I had been forcing myself to get out a yoga mat and do whatever I could manage. I felt empowered, strong and fully alive. My thinking patterns shifted. I wasn't focused on being in pain. Over time it was clear that I could accomplish anything I put my mind to with patience & dedication. Over time I discovered qigong, the ancient Chinese healing system of energy work which is truly transformative and within one year I built the physical strength to do headstands for the first time in my life at age 38!  

You see, back then doctors didn’t say “there’s no injury that caused this? Well, what stresses have you experienced over the past 10 years? Studies show that major life changes (stress) manifest in your body to cause inflammation. You are experiencing the result of not properly caring for your mental & physical health, Bridget. Go meditate and stop sitting for so darn long each day.”  

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