Life can get so busy that we can find ourselves wondering "when will it stop?!"

With so much going on between work, family, housework and other commitments, the majority of people sit down at night and are just exhausted. It's become the way of things and then everything else has evolved around to support it. Whether it's binge-watching Netflix for fear of not finding the time again soon for a break, buying meal deals because you are too tired to bother or paying for a gym membership because next month you will "definitely" start going. 

With Zen Living, you adapt because you are given the tools to make your life better. The Art of Zen Living helps you

to find practices that fit into your life as it is, rather than making drastic changes that aren't sustainable. 

In every moment you have a choice and it's what you do in each moment that determines the state of your mental health, physical health and your overall happiness. You can stay the same or you can discover these ways that allow you to do more of what you love.

Ever wished you could just pause life?

The Art of Zen Living will show you how.

Learn to take back control of the feelings of overwhelm,

brain fog and negative thought patterns. Sign up here.

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Founded by Bridget Pallas, a globally recognized Zen Yoga & Qigong Teacher and Mindfulness Consultant, The Art of Zen Living teaches online & in-person workshops, courses & hosts retreats that empower people to look at their lives with a fresh perspective, enabling people to become more resilient, appreciative, and to develop tried and tested skills for thriving through life's difficulties.

As a Mindfulness Consultant, Bridget has worked with the likes of Body Worlds Museum in London, the world's most visited exhibit focused on preventative healthcare, the NHS, Hampshire County Council, Eastleigh Borough Council, and Mayflower Theatre to name a few. Bridget also hosts local and international workshops and retreats with her company Zen Retreats Ltd.

After training in the rigorous tradition of Rinzai Zen under Zen Master Daizan Roshi, Bridget was able to step out of what's happening in the mind, feel more clear, focused and became able to observe thoughts in a way that changed her thinking patterns. This began the journey of The Art of Zen Living.

In 2019, Bridget took the Buddhist precepts and during the ceremony, her teacher Zen Master Daizan Roshi gave Bridget the dharma name Genzan which translates from Japanese to "original mountain." You can watch it here.  When Daizan gave Bridget the name he said “May you be a rock of stability and strength for the benefit of the Earth.” 

It is the mission of The Art of Zen Living to help people locate the calm in their minds, under all the busyness of work, family and the stresses of life.

A family of 4 wonderful kids and the most supportive husband ever!

Bridget & Neil met when they were both working in Germany during the only 3 days either of these strangers would be in the same city. Ten years later, Neil is an Aviation Systems Engineer (he designs planes) in Hampshire and they are still grateful for that serendipitous meeting. 


Bridget is a fantastic teacher and her classes are a great way to relax and de-stress whilst also energizing your body. I was a little apprehensive about joining a class as I hadn't practised yoga very much before but Bridget is so friendly and welcoming she put me at ease straight away. I feel so good after the class and really enjoy learning from Bridget's knowledge and experience. Thank you so much!

Dee Barber


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